Welcome! This is a multi-fandom blog. I follow the currently airing series so you'll see lots of those, but I also tend to make gifs and edits of less known series on tumblr. Check the tags page if you're looking for something specific. If there are any questions, don't be afraid to ask. They will be answered privately most of the time.
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Only the chosen can enter the Zone. At first I thought he might be able to, but I was wrong. I'll admit he's good. He’s very close to the five of us.
But he’s no prodigy. He’s good, but he’s only the best an ordinary man can be.
No matter how close he gets, he’ll never come to this side.
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“I had a bad dream…” Shion began softly. “I wanted someone to help me, and I reached out as far as I could… and I grabbed onto your hand.”  - No.6

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二次 by 鳥人 >> Plurk account
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist
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Kagerou ProjectOuter Science 
This is the song of a monster that overlooks everything.
People’s lives, hearts, meetings, memories, deaths.
He looks down on it all, as if they are “stupid” events in a book.
What if that existence started influencing someone’s everyday life to merely kill time?
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